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P2 FinCrime is built on the foundations of P2 Consulting and FS 101, both challengers in their respective markets. By combining the Financial Crime expertise of the FS 101 team with the project and programme management skills of P2 consulting we offer the best solutions to clients without the Big 4 overheads.

What We Do

P2 FinCrime’s services span the regulatory change lifecycle for Financial Institutions – from advisory and operating model design, to systems evaluation and implementation with a heavy dose of operational performance improvement and remediation along the way.


Understanding the challenges that keep our clients awake at night is essential. In this section we demonstrate our expertise at solving your problems. We have deep insight into the business and technology issues facing all sectors.

Case Studies

We’ve worked with clients across the sector and have gained excellent results – but don’t just take our word for it. Have a browse through some of the work we’ve done.

P2 Consulting

P2 Consulting is a market leading business transformation consultancy. P2 provides the entire range of consultancy services for organisations engaged in business change. P2 works in partnership with clients to turn their business ambitions into reality, bringing a unique blend of leading-edge thinking and hands-on delivery.

Preparing your business for Brexit

Brexit will affect the UK on a national level, but the most visible impact will be on industries and the businesses right across the country. Because of this, business leaders are finding it difficult to make important decisions today whilst preparing for change tomorrow.

It’s safe to say we can expect continued uncertainty over Brexit to persist well into the Autumn of 2019, with the full range of outcomes (including further delay) remaining open until the last safe moment for the Government. What we do know is that industry confidence remains low and investment in new infrastructure and services will remain subdued until the outcome of Brexit is decided.

The last few months have been characterised by the re-emergence of no-deal Brexit as a very real option.  Many of our clients who ceased no-deal planning earlier in the year are now looking to revisit their plans and implement changes to reduce the impact of a hard Brexit on 31 October.  Their priorities to reduce risk to their business fall under the following areas:

  • Market access – can we continue to trade with the EU under WTO rules?  Can we execute our business successfully with our European customers and suppliers after 31 October?
  • People and organisation – are we configured to operate in the run-up to and immediately after a hard Brexit? What is the impact of a hard Brexit on our workforce?
  • Supply chain– do we have sufficient stock, capacity and contingency to continue operating in the event of a hard Brexit?
  • Systems, data and process – what changes will we need to make to our systems and data in the event of a hard Brexit in October?
P2 Brexit Services

Pre-Brexit | Contingency planning

  • Are you confident you have all your contingency planning in place for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit?
  • Have you recently stress-tested your plans, bearing in mind this goes way beyond normal business continuity planning?
  • Typical business continuity plans are very important, but insufficient in this instance, as the impact of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit is unlikely to be confined to just the client’s business and may involve multiple sources.
What can P2 do?
Independently run a stress test exercise of your contingency plans. This will be a short, sharp exercise based around a P2-facilitated discussion with your key stakeholders, subject matter experts and key suppliers, to review and challenge plans in order to ensure that a sufficiently wide range of possible scenarios are considered and that the contingency plans identified are robust.

Post-Brexit | Brexit Management Office (during exit period)

What is your organisation’s plan for evaluating and running multiple incidents across all aspects of your business for between 2 and 6 months?
• How are you going to:
– Triage the issues to ensure you focus on the business critical ones?
– Manage decision making during the potential chaotic period?
– Ensure your staff, customers, shareholders and regulators are kept informed
– Do all of the above for a sustained period of time without burning staff out?

• Do you have an incident/business continuity team/process set up and ready to go in the run up to Brexit and beyond?

• If your market is hit by multiple incidents concurrently, are you:
– Set-up to manage them over a sustained period, and
– Able to have the information, project/supplier impact and other critical information available quickly to make decisions faster than your competitors?

• How are you going to do this? Have you prepared and tested plans for Incident Management in the immediate run up to, and days following, a ‘No Deal’ Brexit?

What can P2 do?
Work with your subject matter experts to create a Brexit Management Office capability that can resolve multiple interdependent issues over, as needed, a sustained period.
Our expertise is unrivalled...

P2 Consulting have been working with clients to ensure they’re Brexit ready by developing a full range of solutions geared to ensure a successful Brexit, whatever the outcome. Our expertise includes:

  • Strategy development and direction setting
  • Operating model refinement and workforce planning
  • Risk, issue and dependency health-checks
  • Contingency planning and “red-teaming”
  • Project/Programme/Portfolio Management
  • Short-notice team uplift
  • Fast-start Programme Office/Project-in-a-box
  • Programme partnering
  • Quality assurance and systems testing.
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