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P2 Fin Crime is built on the foundations of P2 Consulting and FS 101, both challengers in their respective markets. By combining the Financial Crime expertise of the FS 101 team with the project and programme management skills of P2 consulting we offer the best solutions to clients without the Big 4 overheads.

What We Do

P2 Fin Crime’s services span the regulatory change lifecycle for Financial Institutions – from advisory and operating model design, to systems evaluation and implementation with a heavy dose of operational performance improvement and remediation along the way.


Understanding the challenges that keep our clients awake at night is essential. In this section we demonstrate our expertise at solving your problems. We have deep insight into the business and technology issues facing all sectors.

Case Studies

We’ve worked with clients across the sector and have gained excellent results – but don’t just take our word for it. Have a browse through some of the work we’ve done.

P2 Consulting

P2 Consulting is a market leading business transformation consultancy. P2 provides the entire range of consultancy services for organisations engaged in business change. P2 works in partnership with clients to turn their business ambitions into reality, bringing a unique blend of leading-edge thinking and hands-on delivery.

Systems, Processes, People – (Health) Check, Check, Check

Phil Rolfe, CEO of P2 FinCrime


In the current environment with increasing regulatory scrutiny, improved insights and tightening investment budgets it is critical that scarce investment funds are allocated in the most effective way and outcomes are not only understood but achieved.

One way to ensure you start on and stick to the right path is to use a series of Health Checks before and during change initiatives to help frame the issue, define outcomes and monitor progress. By combining this approach with an assessment of Risk Appetite vs Residual Risk organisations can ensure funds are allocated to areas where the biggest impact can be seen.

What is a Health Check and how does it work?

A Health Check is a point in time assessment of a System, Process or Capability that identifies gaps against an agreed target and allows the tracking of improvement over time.

At P2 FinCrime we use a simple mapping approach to evaluate key systems, processes and capabilities against the target future state. As Investment projects deliver change the residual risk position should improve until the eventual risk is back within appetite.

This baseline allows the organisation to assess its current position against its Risk Appetite and define gaps to be closed. We then run an exercise to align in-flight projects to risk gaps and identify additional change initiatives.

This can be put into a pictorial representation that makes it easier to evaluate out of appetite risks, their movement over time and eventual position post project.

The below is a mapping of Projects a to f, showing their original position and improvement in Residual Risk over time through the application of mitigating controls or change initiatives.

The above can also support benefits mapping and control as well as be used by Risk Committees to track key risk outcomes over time. Whilst the goal is to move risks to be within appetite there may be instances where the best you can get it to and Amber status (project b) and then use enhanced monitoring and controls to oversee.

If you would like P2 to help you with your own Risk Framework then please get in touch with me on Phil@P2Consulting.com